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Come Fly With Me : The complete 1st season
Come Fly With Me : The complete 1st season


Omar Baba responds to criticism of FlyLo's safety practices while husband-and-wife pilots Simon and Jackie argue about flying together, and Simon's affair. Moses Beacon is tasked with explaining to a first-class passenger that her dog has died in-flight, and finds himself charged with a particularly demanding 92-year old first-time flyer, Hetty Wolf, who scams him into buying her many luxury items and a seat in first class, before revealing she is a frequent flyer. A man that doesn't work at the airport is caught 'patting down' the passengers. Ian Foot investigates a case of an elderly gentleman attempting to enter the country using the passport of a 12-year-old girl. Taaj Manzoor describes his duties on a airport buggy, which he sees as a chick magnet. Melody and Keeley learn that there may be a supervisor's opening. Mickey and Buster attempt to get a photograph of Geri Halliwell but miss her after doing a rendition of Spice Girls songs. Fearghal assists a young mother by putting her

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